Adventure Racing  Teamwork, fitness, endurance, skill and intelligence are key elements for any group wanting to participate in, and finish a race in this multi-discipline sport.

Backpacking gives you a freedom which few activities can match. To be self-sufficient while making your own way in the wilderness is somehow exhilarating and peaceful at the same time.

Backcountry and Telemark Skiing are continuing to grow in popularity in Canada - and not just in the west. Most people who give ski touring a try rapidly become enthusiasts.

Canoeing Canada has more fresh water than any other nation and has endless interconnected waterways for never ending adventure and solitude.


Canoeing Canada has more fresh water than any other nation and has endless interconnected waterways for never ending adventure and solitude.

Hiking  is one of Canada's most popular outdoor pastimes. Walks and hiking trails are available everywhere and everybody can join in, regardless of fitness or income. Nature welcomes us all.

Mountain Biking ranges from a leisurely family pedal on a rails to trails linear park to a heart-stopping downhill through the worst mud, rocks and ruts you could imagine.


Climbing & Mountaineering  are finally getting some world wide attention. Crags are no longer the lonely places they were, and rock gyms are sprouting up everywhere.  
Warsaw Caves  in Ontario By Mady MacDonald
With Caving Locations Across Canada
Nordic Skiing  is one of the best ways to stay in shape and enjoy the winter. Canada has tens of thousands of kilometers of trails within wilderness areas, parks and outdoor centers or adjacent to resorts.
Orienteering  is a huge sport in Scandinavia and is gaining popularity in Canada. A number of clubs throughout the country will be pleased to introduce you to the sport. One of the great benefits (aside from getting outside and staying in shape) is the confidence you'll gain in your map and compass skills. If you're looking for bigger challenges, then you might want to try Rogain which takes place in more isolated and wild areas. Have a look in our events section if you follow the competitions.
Sea Kayaking  is relatively easy for the novice and combines great outdoor skills and activities.
White Water Paddlers  are in paradise in this land of lakes and rivers. River canoeists,white water canoeists and kayakers all share the same passion for rapids.
White water rafting  can be enjoyed by almost any one. The time of year, the river and the weather determine how easy or rough the ride will be. Don't be fooled into thinking that there is a cap on the challenges that rafting offers. If you're really looking to test your limits, try an excursion on one of Canada's wild rivers. These can last from several days to weeks. Check out our rafting section for guides and tour operators on your river of choice.

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