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Terra Nova National Park is Canada's most easterly national park. Located on the eastern edge of Newfoundland, the park is a beautiful rugged coastal area with a variety of habitat. From the inter-tidal zone, to the bogs, marshes, coves and boreal forests. This is an excellent area for nature viewing and has excellent sea kayaking and hiking.

Size: 404 Square km

Mountain Biking: There are mountain biking trails in the park and you can rent mountain bikes at Sandy Pond Concession.

Stormy weather bring beautiful sunsets in Terra Nova National Park
Backpacking: The Outport Trail is a 17.5 km (one way) trail that follows the coast. It takes approximately 5 to 6 hours to complete and allows backcountry camping at Minchin Cove and on to South Broad Cove. The Dunphy's Pond trail also allows overnights at a wildeness camping area which takes only an hour and half to access, perfect for someone new to backpacking.
Sun shines though the forest bathing the mossy ground in Terra Nova National Park
Dunphy's Pond Trail: Easy, 10km return. The Dunphy's Pond Trail which is 10 km return and takes just 3 hours return to compete. There is a wooded wilderness campsite located near the pond with 5 sites. While you camp in this area you might see some of less common boreal bird species found in the park, such as the ruffed and spruce grouse, crossbills, and great horned and boreal owls. Watch for loons on the waters of Dunphy's Pond which is the largest of 134 ponds (lakes) in the park. All campers must obtain a permit before camping in this area and the permit must be turned in at the end of the trip.

Outport Trail: 35km return. The Outport Trail is a 35 kilometer out and back that should take about 12 hours to complete. When you have reached about midway along the trail, there is a 1.5 km detour to the top of Mount Stamford, where you will have one of the most spectacular views in the park. The trail goes along the coast from Big Brook and the sheltered mudflats of Newman Sound. It travels through the forest to the abandoned settlement of Minchin Cove and on to South Broad Cove. These two areas are designated for backcountry camping. Minchins Cove backcoutry campground with 6 sites, firepits, firewood and privy. South Broad Cove backcoutry campground with 8 sites, firepits, firewood and privy. All campers must obtain a permit before camping in these areas and the permit must be turned in at the end of the trip.

Hiking: There are 12 hiking trails in the park ranging from 2 km to 17.5 km in length providing hikes suitable to every skill and fitness level.

Blue Hill West Trail: Easy to Intermediate, 8km return. The trail follows an old fire access road where, you will see a forest that is recovering from a 1986 forest fire. It takes you from the highest point of land in the park to the shores of Blue Hill Pond and then to Newman Sound. Along this trail, you will see some of the largest birch in the park that have survived the fire. Keep your eyes open, you might just get a glimpse of the rare pine marten, which has been seen here. The trail should take about 2 hours return to complete.

Buckley Cove Trail: Easy, 8km return. The trail takes you through the forest and along the coast of Newman Sound and ends at Buckley Cove where you'll find grassy fields and a beach. Along the trail you will come across a small cove that provides you with a great view of the sheer face of Mount Stamford. The trail should take about 2 hours return to complete.

Campground Trail: Easy, 2km. This is a forested trail, not far from the Newman Sound Campground which will take you to Big Brook. The brook flows into Newman Sound. The trail should take about 30 minutes to complete.

Coastal Trail: Easy, 9km return. The trail takes you through a black spruce forest with numerous access points to the shoreline on Newman Sound. Newman Sound is designated a Canadian Wildlife Service Bird Sanctuary. For birders this is a perfect area of the park to spot ospreys, terns, greater yellowlegs, and spotted sandpipers that are often seen feeding on the rich supply of food in the estuary. The trail should take about 2 1/2 hours to complete.

Dunphy's Pond Trail: Easy (hiking), 10km return.The trail takes you to the shores of Dunphy's Pond; the largest lake in the park, where birders can delight in many boreal bird species, such as the red and white-winged crossbills, flocks of finches, and great horned and hawk owls that frequent this area. There is a backcounty campsite located near the pond if you want to spend the night. The trail should take about 3 hours return.

Green Head Cove Trail: Easy-Intermdiate, 5km return. This is a forested trail with mature evergreens and young hardwoods, that will take you to the old Eastport Bridge over the quiet waters of Southwest Arm, where you'll have a beautiful view of Malady Head. You might see shorebirds, ducks and ospreys feeding in the shallow water of the arm. The trail should take about 1 1/2 hours to complete.

Louil Hill: Easy, 4km, loop. The trail takes you through thick stands of alder and meanders through a grove of fir trees where "old man's beard" lichen hangs from the dead branches. There is a short but steep detour at the half way point to the top of Louil Hill which gives you a spectacular panoramic view overlooking Alexander Bay, Northeast Arm and Southwest Arm. The trail should take about 1 hour to complete.

Malady Head Trail: 2km. The trail climbs gradually for 2 km to a lookout platform near the summit of Malady Head. From this viewpoint there is an incredible view of Southwest Arm, Wing's Pond, Wing's Brook, Alexander Bay and the Eastport Peninsula. You have a chance of seeing eagles or osprey from the platform or even an iceberg in the distance on Bonavista Bay. The trail should take about 45 min. to complete.

Sandy Pond Trail: Easy, 3km, loop. This is a self-guided trail that works its way around Sandy Pond through boreal forest of black spruce and balsam fir, ground ferns, mushrooms and snowberries. Watch for ducks and their young swimming along Sandy Pond. The trail should take about 1 hour to complete.

Southwest Brook Trail: Easy, 8km return. The trail takes you passed a beaver dam and lodg, then to a bridge over the Southwest Brook. You follow the brook thought the forest until you reach a suspension bridge that leads you to the Southwest Brook picnic area. The trail should take about 2 hours return.



Canoeing: There is canoeing at Sandy Pond/Dunphy's Pond, a route of 10 km or 4.5 hours approximately. There is also Southwest Arm, a route of approx. 6.5 km or 2.5 hours. White water canoeing is possible on the Northwest River for experienced canoeists, contact the park for details.

Canoe Camping: There is wilderness canoe camping at 3 different locations in the park. Beachy Pod, Dunphy's Island and Dunphy's Pond.

The moisture in Terra Nova National Park allows for this beautiful scene
of multi-colored mosses covering the forest floor.
Backcountry and Cross Country Skiing: One of the best ways to enjoy the park in winter is by cross-country skiing. There are several groomed trails. Some of these can be found at Sandy Pond. There are also 400 square km of backcountry skiing possibilities. To request info about winter activities in the park, contact the park through their website.
A misty shoreline in
Terra Nova National Park
Snowshoeing: The park has designated snowshoeing trails.

Dog Sledding: The park has dogsledding, inquire about the detials.

Front Country Camping

Newman Sound Camground: 373 semi-serviced sites located along highway one. The campground has flush toilets, showers, laundry facilities, kitchen shelters, a convience store and a trailer dump.

Malady Head Campground: 99 semi-serviced sites located off highway one on the 310. The campground has washrooms and kitchen shelters.

Reservations can be made through the parks website via Parks Canada Camping

Backcountry Camping: Minchin Cove 6 sites, firepits, firewood and privy.and on to South Broad Cove 8 sites, firepits, firewood and privy.. The Dunphy's Trail also has a wilderness area for camping. There are also three canoe camping areas at Beachy Pod, Dunphy's Island and Dunphy's Pond.

Winter Camping: There is opportunity for backcountry ski camping in the park some with enclosed kitchen shelters where fires are permitted.

Note: Dogs are allowed in the park but must always be on a short leash. Pets can disturb and even provoke wildlife.
Terra Nova is Canada's most easterly national park. Locate on the eastern coast of Newfoundland, not far from St John's. The park protects an area of rich natural diversity bordering on the open Atlantic Ocean.

Towns and Villages Nearby: Gander
Port Blanford

Nearest Major Center: St. John's

Accomodations and Restuarants
Comfort Inn - Hotel, Gander
Gower House - B&B, St. John's
Terra Nova Cottages

Terra Nova is an IBA (Important Birding Area) - Bird Studies Canada
Cape St.Marys Eco Reserve

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Terra Nova National Park
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