Rivers and Lakes in the Toronto Region
  • Black Creek - Black Creek Project - Pick up the creek in Toronto south of Steeles at the Pioneer Village, then it passes through Derry Downs Park, Northwood Park and the Downsview Dells. Green space access is lost above the 401 until it meets the Humber in the Lambton Woods. Western Toronto, Toronto, Ontario
  • Don River - Don River - Don River Watershed - Bring Back the Don - Pick up the river in Toronto between Finch, Baysview and Leslie in Finch East Park. Follow it down through Moatfield Farm Park, Chales Sauriol Conservation Reserve, passed Taylor Creek and the West Branch, where it follows the express way into the heart of the city. It empties into the lake at Riverdale Park, between Danforth and Gerrard. East Central Toronto, Toronto, Ontario. See the Paddling section for more information on the river.
  • Don River West - From the Finch Reservoir, near Dufferin and Finch, the west branch flows through Ross Lord Park, Heathstone Valley Greenbelt, Earl Bales Park, Sunny Brook Park, Serena GrundyPark and Earnest Thompson Seton Park, before it joins with the main branch of the Don, Toronto, Ontario
  • Etibicoke Creek - Etibicoke Watershed The creek is south of the Airport and just to the west of the 427. Within the Toronto Region from the 401 it flows south through Centennial Park, Markland Woods, Etobicoke Valley Park, then passed the Toronto Golf Club and through Marie Curtis Park, where it empties into Lake Ontario. Mississauga, Toronto, Ontario
  • Humber River - The river has great historic significance, having being the lowest part of the Toronto Portage used by the fur traders and several Indian tribes. Later on the river became commercially significant, with more than a half dozen mills along its course, predominantly for grain and lumber. Today the river parallels the 400 highway before it crosses under the 401. It roughly parallels, and runs west of Jane Street for the remainder of its course. In Toronto pick up the Humber in North Humber Park just below Steeles. The river flows south through Rowntree Mills and Summerlea Parks, then through the Humber Valley and Weston Golf Clubs before it's back into public green space in Cruickshank Park. From here is on through Lions Raymere, Scarlett Mills, James Gardens, Lambton Woods, Magwood, Smith, and Kings Mill Parks. It then flows into the Humber Marshes and finally South Humber Park where it meets the Lake. Western Toronto, Toronto, Ontario. The river originates outside Orangeville and is 93km in total with a drop of 365m overall. The East Humber originates at Wilcox Lake outside Aurora and intersects with the main branch below highway 7 outside of Greater Toronto. The major tributary of the Humber is Black Creek (see above). See the Paddling section for more information on the river.
  • Humber River West - Having crossed under Finch Avenue the river runs south until it crosses under Albion Road to join with the main branch. From the Claireville Conservation Area the river flows through the Humberwoods , Garland , Watercliff, Kipling Heights Parks, before coming together with the main branch at Summerlea. Western Toronto, Toronto, Ontario
  • Mimco Creek - Mimco Creek Watershed -From the intersection of the 401 and the 427 the creek flows diagonally to the east. It is located on the east side of the 427. Within Toronto the creek can be found just east of the 427. It meanders through West Deane Park, Central Park then through urban areas which include a number of small parks. It terminates at Humber Bay Park on Lake Ontario. Western Toronto, Toronto, Ontario
  • Rouge River - Rouge Watershed - Friends of the Rouge Watershed - Rouge Valley Foundation - Rouge Park - Eastern Toronto, Toronto, Ontario. See the Paddling section for more information on the river.


Outside of Lake Ontario and a few small ponds located in the region there are no significant bodies of water in the Toronto Region.



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