Quebec's unique culture, its status as a founding member of this nation, along with its geography have contributed to the wide range of unique destinations there are to explore. The walled city of Quebec, founded in the 1600s by Samuel de Champlain, is the closest you'll come to Europe on this continent. The fishing villages along the northern shore of the Gaspesie Peninsula harken back to a simpler era, tied closer to our natural environment. New England's influence is obvious in the Eastern Townships region just to the southeast of Montreal.

Habitat 67

The exceptional natural surroundings and unique geology of the rugged Charlevoix region along with the precipitous fiords in the neighboring Saguenay, offer visitors exceptional a wide variety adventure and wildlife viewing opportunities.  

Quebec Tourism

Quebec Tourism Information Center - In Montreal
Infotourist Centre
1001 du Square Dorchester St, Suite 100

Tel: (514) 873-2015 1 877-266-5687
Fax: (416) 314-5901




The Willows Inn


Quebec has the broadest range of accommodations imaginable. From Montreal's Ritz Carleton to the European richness of the Hotel de la Montagne, to the grand backcountry resorts, such as the Gite Mont St. Albert in the Parc de la Gaspesie. Our favorite though are the thousands of small auberges you'll find throughout the province. Each has its own character, and given that Quebec was settled in the 1600s, their own distinctive history.

Quebec Regions

Quebec City

Quebec City Region

Other Regions

For Montreal, Laurentians, Eastern Townships, Lanaudiere and Monteregie see the links at the top of this category.



If you're idea of Hostelling is pulling up a piece of the rug, in an urban fallout shelter with a dozen strangers - think again. Hostels range from a place to unroll your sleeping bag, to something approaching resort like accommodations, in beautiful settings with you're own private room. Prices are still unbeatable and the company is usually interested and interesting world travelers. If you're a boarder or skier take note, there are hostels in most of the major resort areas throughout the country as well.

Hostelling International Canada

  • Auberge de Cap-aux-Os - Cap-aux-Os
  • Auberge Esprit, Fort Coulonge - Davidson
  • Auberge la Residence - La Tuque
  • Auberge du Centre d'Arts Orford, Magog/Orford - Mont Orford, Eastern Townships, Quebec
  • Auberge de Montreal - Downtown, Montreal, Montreal Quebec
  • Auberge Internationale du Mont-Tremblant - Mont Tremblant, Laurentians, Quebec
  • Auberge Ile-du-Repos de Peribonka
  • Auberge du Chateau Bahia
  • Centre International de Sejour de Quebec - Quebec City, Quebec
  • Auberge de la Grande Ligne - Racine
  • Auberge Internationale de Riviere-du-Loup - Riviere-du-Loup
  • Auberge Internationale l'Echouerie - Ste-Anne-des-Monts
  • Auberge Internationale Le Tangon - Sept Iles
  • Auberge Internationale la Flottille - Trois-Rivieres
  • Le Chalet Beaumount - Val David, Laurentians, Quebec
  • Gatineau Park International Hostel - Chelsea, Gatineau, Outaouis, Quebec
  • Auberge Internationale - Îles-de-la-Madeleine

    Hotel Chains

    Cottage and Vacation Rentals

    Restaurants & Bars

    Quebec is the fine dining capital of North America. While Montreal has always been given the nod as a great restaurant city, Quebec City and the other areas of province have often been overlooked. Visitors to Quebec City are overwhelmed by the breadth of offerings and superb quality of the cuisine, which some say surpasses that of Montreal. The Laurentians and Eastern Townships also have exceptional restaurants which rival Quebec's major centers.


    Cresent Street

    Traveling throughout the province, you'll quickly see just how many other fine establishments are available in villages and towns such as La Malbaie, Trois Riviere, St Sauveur, Hull and countless areas.

    Quebec Regions

    Quebec City

    Other Regions

    For Montreal, Laurentians, Eastern Townships and Monteregie see the links at the top of this category.

    Cabane à Sucre, Sucrerie, Érablière, Sugar Shacks

    Wineries and Cider Houses

    Once upon a time Canadian wines were suitable for cooking - period!. With our wineries bringing back gold medals from France, we can now bring the bottles out of the kitchen with pride. Wineries are springing up all over the country, inspired by the sucess of our early pioneers in this area. Quebec is certainly coming into its own, particularly in the Eastern Townships and the Monteregie Regions. Take the opportunity to visit one of the wineries which offer tasting tours, we're sure you'll be impressed. Some of the wineries also have dining facilities as well as accommodations ranging from simple B&Bs to luxurious estates.

    Route des Vins

    Wine Web Sites



    Festivals, Events & Attractions

    Montreal is the city of festivals. Film, jazz, comedy you name it, Montreal is a world leader. Of course, given the cities character this make perfect sense. Montrealers' love to celebrate life and what better way to do it than throwing a party on a grand scale. Montreal is also the host to the Canadian Grand Prix where the fans come out to support native son, Jacques Villneuve and the city celebrates in style.

    When the snow settles in for the winter, Quebec City has one up on Montreal. It lays claim to the third largest carnival in the world (after Rio and New Orleans), the Quebec Winter Carnival. Quebec pulls out all the stops for this event, with revelers having perhaps too many events and celebrations to choose from. Activities range from ice sculpture, to ice canoeing across the frozen (actually semi-frozen) St. Lawrence River, to literally spending a night "on ice", in the ever popular Ice Hotel.

    Events Across Canada




    Quebec shares most of the same holidays as the rest of Canada with the exception of Saint-Jean Baptiste Day which is June the 24th. Other Canadian provinces make up for this by having an additional holiday usually on the first Monday in August. As a general rule, all provinces and territories have holidays to mark or celebrate the following:

    New Years Day - January 1
    Good Friday &/or Eastern Monday - Movable
    Victoria Day - Monday before the 25th May
    Sainte Jean-Baptiste - June 24
    Canada Day - July 1
    Labour Day - First Monday in September
    Thanksgiving - Second Monday in October (not in sync with American Thanksgiving)
    Christmas - December 25

    Note: Some of these holidays are movable, usually to the nearest Monday or Friday of the week in which they fall.






    Regional Tourism, Cities Towns and Chamber of Commerce

    Out-There breaks Quebec down into twenty separate regions, which reflect the traditional breakdown from Quebec Tourism. Quebec is a huge province, with the vast majority of its population living in the southern reaches of the area, most particularly the St Lawrence River Valley. These settlements were established by the first arrivals from France. They are usually located in sheltered but accessible bays and inlets along the river.

    With the fur trade, the quest for lumber and more recently the search for mineral deposits, the outlying regions were explored and settlements were established a good distance from the original sites in Montreal and Quebec City. These areas offer a visitor the opportunity to explore the unique charecter of this province.

    From the St Lawrence low lands, to the Appalachian Mountains of the Gaspesie, to the marine coast of the Cote Nord and the lofty mountains of the Torngates in the north, Quebec has amazing natural diversity. This is a province of extraordinary natural beauty which is only now coming into its own as a eco and adventure tourism destination. Take the time to explore the regions and appreciate all they have to offer.



    Laurentians - Out-There's Laurentians

    The Laurentians is a renown winter and summer outdoor destination. Located just to the north of Montreal this beautiful region offers a wide diversity of activities, a full range of accommodations and some of the worlds best resorts, restaurants and bars. The quaint villages nestled in the mountain valleys, provides for great apres-ski. (Map of Laurentians Region)

    Mont Tremblant is considered the premier snow board and ski resort in eastern North America. The resort along with Saint-Sauveur, Sainte-Adele and Sainte-Agathe all boast five star restaurants and great nightlife to go along with the phenomenal skiing. International travelers will also be familiar with the resorts found in L'Esterelle, Val David and Val Morin.

    The Laurentians are blessed with unspoiled natural areas. A favorite, Parc du Mont Tremblant, protects a large area of the beautiful Laurentians mountains and provides for a wealth of outdoor activities. Other opportunities exist in the Nature Reserves, ZECs, Regional Parks, Forests and Lakes along with the

    The major highway through the Laurentians is the 15 which cuts right through the heart of the area. Above Ste-Agathe the highway turns into the 117 which continues into the north passed Mont Laurier. Most of the regions, towns, villages and resorts are
    just off these highways.

    The Laurentians are serviced by a number of outdoor companies providing guiding, instruction and outfitting. The area has several clubs and associations which are active in the outdoors as well as several outdoor centers. If you need to pick up some gear or you're looking for more information on what the area has to offer drop by one the regions outdoor retailers.

    Eastern Townships - Out-There's Eastern Townships

    Quebec's Eastern Townships (Map of Eastern Townships) or the Canton d'Est or l'Estrie is located south, and as the name indicates to the east, of Montreal. At the upper reaches of the Appalachian mountains, the area consists of rolling farmland in the shadows of large mountains, with some reaching 1000 meters or more.

    Several large lakes can be found in the area, including Lake Memphormagog and one of our favorites Lac Saint-Francois, in Frontenac Provincial Park.

    You'll find excellent restaurants and quaint inns throughout the region. Auberge L'Aubergine of Mansonville is well known for it's excellent fare which includes dishes with distinctly Quebecois origins. Another fine example is the Auberge Le St-Amour which offers dining and lodging in a fine example of a period building.

    At first glance many areas of the Townships could be mistaken for parts of New England. A more discerning eye will start to see the French influences. Add to this the natural beauty of the surrounds and you have a very picturesque image. While the area is one of Montrealer's vacation getaways and is dotted with cottages, there are still many rugged and undeveloped areas in the Townships - providing nature at its best.

    The Eastern Townships is all about the outdoors. There are four Provincial parks, several regional parks, as well as ZEC's and Nature centers. Given the vast stands of Maple the leaf viewing in the autumn is amongst the finest in the east (this statement makes for some great arguments - forewarned is forearmed).

    Hiking and Backpacking are well served by the Township's trails. The Sentier de L'estries climbs several of the areas peaks on it's way to join Vermont's Long Trail at the US border in the south. If you favorite sport is Canoeing there are several rivers to conquer in the region or you might want to try canoe camping in Frontenac Provincial Park. Climbers are also in luck with the sport climbing area in Orford.

    Mountain Bikers have several options including one of the east's finest trail systems on Mont-Bromont. This ski hill is a pioneer, having catered to bikers for many years with an ever expanding lift served trail system. The trails are extensive, well maintained and extremely well designed. The mountain has hosted the World Mountain Bike Championships as well as several cross-country and downhill world cups.

    Winter is one of the best times to visit the townships. There area is well known for it's ski and boarding hills which include Mont-Sutton, Mont Orford and Owls Head. There are also endless possibilities for Cross Country Skiing as well as backcountry hut-to-hut. Snow Shoeing and Dog Sledding are two other sports garnering a lot of attention and they are well represented in the area.

    Monteregie - Out-There's Monteregie

    The Monteregie region wraps around the island of Montreal in the west and the south. (Map of Monteregie) Following the banks of the Ottawa River and the south shore of the Saint Lawrence, the region is a stones throw from this great city. A fertile area of the Saint-Lawrence lowlands, it's broken up by the presence of several obtrusive mountains that rise up out of nowhere from the valley's floor. Standing like sentinels they add a unique visual dimension to the region.

    You can find splendid restaurants and country Inns throughout the area. The Willows Inn, in Hudson or the Auberge Aux P'tits Oignon outside Acton Vale are excellent exam

    The Sucrerie du la Montagne on Rigaud Mountain with its rustic charm and old world atmosphere has become a world class attraction which shouldn't be missed.

    The regions apple orchards have been an agricultural mainstay for years. One of the important end products of course being cider.

    The appearance in recent years of several vineries has added yet another reason to visit the region. Tours are available from both the cider producers and vinters, with the requisite tasting included in the package.

    Monteregie has one of the best networks of bike paths you'll find anywhere. With over 450 kilometers you'll be hard pressed to cover every route. Several of the paths follow historically significant sites such as the Soulange Canal.

    Cross Country Skiing is well represented in the region, which also has several snow boarding hills. Hiking is another popular activity and the recently opened L'Escapade trail on Rigaud Mountain serves as a hiking/equestrian trial in summer and an excellent Nordic ski path in the winter. Mont Rigaud is also used by the climbing community, particularly for instruction, since the mountains single pitch can easily be top roped.

    Mountain Biking can find some good single track in Ile Perrot on the power line trail and some great climbs and descents in the Hertford area. Mont Rigauds snow mobile trails provide another good opportunity for bikers in the summer.

    If your looking to do some sea kayaking an excellent choice is the National Wildlife Area on Lake St. Francois particularly in the spring and fall when the bird migrations are under way. Another nice option is the area surrounding the beach at Saint-Zotique on the north shore of the St. Lawrence just east of the Ontario border. The I'lle de Boucherville Provincial Park, easily accessible from the La Fontaine Tunnel, will let you try out some "urban" kayaking in a pleasant natural setting.

    Lanaudiere - Out-There's Lanaudiere

    Picture the Laurentians. The quite forests, the cool lakes and the beautiful rolling hills. Now picture the Laurentians without the crowds, without the traffic and without every lake having another cottage. That's Lanaudiere! (Map of Lanaudiere ) Sharing the same Laurentian forests and features, this is the wilder more natural version. Another aspect that adds to the regions appeal is its accessibility. Hwy 125 or 25 directly access the area. It almost seems a shame to let the secret out.

    Like the Laurentians, you'll find quaint Inns and restaurants throughout the region. Rawdon and St Donat are well know for these. In the east, the areas major center, Joliette, has all of the amenities and facilities you might require.

    Berthierville is located in the south east along the major corridor, Hwy 40 and will also provide a visitor with all of the conveniences you desire. For the most part, the region is made up of small, quite French Canadian towns, many settled centuries ago.

    Another key element shared by these two sisters is Mont Tremblant Provincial Park. The Laurentian region claims this as a crown jewel but ironically, the majority of the park is in the Lanaudiere region. There are two access points here at La Pembina above St Donat and the L'Assomption at the eastern gate. The Pembina sector is where you'll find the thinnest crowds and some excellent nature viewing. The park of course, also has mountain biking, hiking, backpacking, canoeing and cross country and backcountry skiing in the winter. Speaking of winter, don't forget the parks excellent hut system where you can traverse the park sleeping in wood heated shelters along the way. Dog Sledding enthusiasts should contact the ZEC's des Nymphes.

    If your looking for Camping Lanaudiere has lots of front country camping in Tremblant Provincial Park. The areas Wildlife Reserves (Reserve Faunique)also have campsites available as do the regions ZEC's. There are excellent backcountry sites in the Oureau Forest. There are several region parks in the area, including the Parc des Chutes-Dorwin which surrounds the beautiful falls in Rawdon. Nearby you'll also find another beautiful falls at the Parc des Cascades regional park.

    Hikers have lots of options in the area ranging from easy walks to water falls in the regional parks to some serious climbs on the Oureau trail or the Noire near St Donat.

    Again Tremblant has lots to offer in this area with many trails to choose from. Backpackers can take advantage of, you guessed it Tremblant Park and the Oureau forest both of which have facilities and trails.

    Canoeists have a number of rivers to choose from including the Assomption in Tremblant and the Quereau river in the forest of the same name. Campsites are available on both rivers and portage trails surround the white water on the Assomption. If you are a White Water Paddler you can choose to run the rapids.

    There is great birding south of Berthierville in the Iles de Sorel where you can combine your passion with some Hiking.

    Mountain Bikers are well served by the Oureau forest which has lots of trails to ride. Tremblant Park also has good biking. Check with the ZECs for other opportunities.


    Quebec Regions



    Sainte Agathe

      Cities, Towns and Villages

    Quebec's largest cities and main ports of entry are Montreal and Quebec City. Montreal is a large urban center with two international airports and transportation into all areas of Quebec and the rest of Canada. Quebec city also has an international airport, and connections to Canada's other attractions. Both cities are amongst the oldest in North America and offer visitors a unique experience they won't find elsewhere.

    There are several other cities of significant size in the province but if you're really looking to understand Quebec, you might be best served by a tour of the smaller towns and villages. St Saveur, Morin Heights, North Hatley, Bromont, Beaupre, Gaspes, Baie St Paul along with dozens of others are known for there romance, history, gastronomy and spectacular natural beauty.

    Cities, Towns and Villages

    Association des plus beaux villages du Québec - Quebec's most beautiful villages

    • Asbestos - Eastern Townships, Quebec
    • Actonvale - Monteregie, Quebec
    • Allan's Corner - Monteregie, Quebec
    • Arundel - Laurentians, Quebec
    • L'Assomption - Lanaudiere, Quebec
    • Ayer's Cliff - Eastern Townships, Quebec
    • Baie-Comeau - Quebec
    • Beauharnois - Monteregie, Quebec
    • Beebe Plain - Eastern Townships, Quebec
    • Bellefeuille - Laurentians, Quebec
    • Beloeil - Monteregie, Quebec
    • Berthieville - Lanaudiere, Quebec
    • Blainville - Laurentians, Quebec
    • Boisbriand - Laurentians, Quebec
    • Boucherville - Monteregie, Quebec
    • Brigham - Monteregie, Quebec
    • Bromont - Quaint village with excellent snowboarding, skiing and perhaps the best mountain biking in eastern North America. Access to the hundreds of kilometres of bike paths in the townships. Eastern Townships, Quebec
    • Bromptonville - Eastern Townships, Quebec
    • Brossard - Rive-Sud, Monteregie, Quebec
    • Candiac - Monteregie, Quebec
    • Cap-de-la-Madeleine - Quebec
    • Chambley - Monteregie, Quebec
    • Châteauguay - Monteregie, Quebec
    • Coaticook - Eastern Townships, Quebec
    • Compton - Eastern Townships, Quebec
    • Coteau-du-Lac - Monteregie, Quebec
    • Cowansville - Monteregie, Quebec
    • Delson - Monteregie, Quebec
    • Deux-Montagnes - Laurentians, Quebec
    • Dorion - Monteregie, Quebec
    • East Angus - Eastern Townships, Quebec
    • Eaton - Eastern Townships, Quebec
    • Entrelacs - Lanaudiere, Quebec
    • Estérel - Laurentians, Quebec
    • Saint-Eustache - Has a great bike path that winds its way into Oaka Provincial Park - Laurentians, Quebec
    • Farnham - Monteregie, Quebec
    • Fleurimont - Eastern Townships, Quebec
    • Frelighsburg - Eastern Townships, Quebec
    • Gaspe - Gaspesie, Quebec
    • Granby - Eastern Townships, Quebec
    • Greenfield Park - Monteregie, Quebec
    • Gatineau - Outaouis, Quebec
    • Havelock - Monteregie, Quebec
    • Hemmingford - Monteregie, Quebec
    • Hudson - Monteregie, Quebec
    • Hull - Outaouis, Quebec
    • Huntingdon - Monteregie, Quebec
    • Iberville - Monteregie, Quebec
    • Ile d'Orleans - Quebec City Region
    • Île Perrot - Monteregie, Quebec
    • Joliette - Lanaudiere, Quebec
    • Kahnawake - Monteregie, Quebec
    • La Prairie - Monteregie, Quebec
    • Lac-Brome - Eastern Townships, Quebec
    • Lac-des-Iles - Laurentians, Quebec
    • Lantier - Laurentians, Quebec
    • Lachute - Laurentians, Quebec
    • Laval - Laurentians, Quebec
    • Labelle - Laurentians, Quebec
    • Lennoxville - Eastern Townships, Quebec
    • Longueuil - Monteregie, Quebec
    • Lorraine - Laurentians, Quebec
    • Maniwaki - Outaouis, Quebec
    • Mascouche - Lanaudiere, Quebec
    • Magog - Eastern Townships, Quebec
    • Melocheville - Monteregie, Quebec
    • Mille-Isles - Laurentians, Quebec
    • Mirabel - Laurentians, Quebec
    • Montreal - Quebec's hub, fine dining, nightlife and festivals are several of the cities finest elements. It is also amongst the world's best cycling cities with over 300km of paths and designated routes and hundreds of km more in the surrounding regions. Montreal & Laval Region, Quebec
    • Mont Laurier - Laurentians, Quebec
    • Mont-St-Hilaire - Monteregie, Quebec
    • Mont Saint Saveur - The bustling center of the Laurentians, great snowboarding, night skiing, cross country skiing, restaurants and bars - Laurentians, Quebec
    • Mont Tremblant - Described as the number one ski destination in eastern north America - Laurentians, Quebec
    • Morin-Heights - Picturesque village with excellent snow boarding and cross country skiing. Laurentians, Quebec
    • North Hatley - Eastern Townships, Quebec
    • Oka - Laurentians, Quebec
    • Orford - Eastern Townships, Quebec
    • Piedmont - Laurentians, Quebec
    • Pine Hill - Laurentians, Quebec
    • Pointe-des-Cascades - Monteregie, Quebec
    • Pointe Fortune- Monteregie, Quebec
    • Prévost - Laurentians, Quebec
    • Rosemère - Laurentians, Quebec
    • Rawdon - Lanaudiere, Quebec
    • Repentigny - Lanaudiere, Quebec
    • Rigaud - Suroit, Monteregie, Quebec - Location Map
    • Riviere-du-Loup - Quebec
    • Roberval - Quebec
    • Sabrevois - Monteregie, Quebec
    • Saint-Adolph-d'Howard - Laurentians, Quebec
    • Saint Agathe - A quaint vacation area with great restaurants and bars - Laurentians, Quebec
    • Sainte-Agnès-de-Dundee
    • Saint-Amable - Monteregie, Quebec
    • Ste Anne-de-Beaupre - Quebec City Region, Quebec
    • Saint-Anicet - Monteregie, Quebec
    • Saint-Antoine - Laurentians, Quebec
    • Saint-Antoine-Abbé - Monteregie, Quebec
    • Sainte-Adèle - Popular vacation spot with excellent snowboarding and skiing - Laurentians, Quebec
    • Saint-Antoine-sur-Richelieu - Monteregie, Quebec
    • Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville - Monteregie, Quebec
    • Sainte-Catherine - Monteregie, Quebec
    • Saint-Chrysostome - Monteregie, Quebec
    • Saint-Constant - Monteregie, Quebec
    • Saint-Damien-de-Brandon - Lanaudiere, Quebec
    • Saint Donat - Lanaudiere, Quebec
    • Saint Fulgence
    • Saint Gabriel de Brandon - Lanaudiere, Quebec
    • Saint-Hubert - Monteregie, Quebec
    • Saint-Hyacinthe - Monteregie, Quebec
    • Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu - Monteregie, Quebec
    • Saint-Jérôme - The beginning of the mountains and the P'tit Train du Nord - Laurentians, Quebec
    • Saint-Jovite - Laurentians, Quebec
    • Sainte-Julie - Monteregie, Quebec
    • Sainte-Julienne - Lanaudiere, Quebec
    • Saint-Lambert - Monteregie, Quebec
    • Saint-Lazare - Suroit, Monteregie, Quebec - Location Map - Area Map
    • Saint Louis de France - Quebec
    • Saint-Luc - Monteregie, Quebec
    • Saint-Mathieu - Monteregie, Quebec
    • Saint-Polycarpe - Monteregie, Quebec
    • Saint Sauveur - The bustling center of the Laurentians, great skiing, restaurants and bars - Laurentians, Quebec
    • Sainte-Thérèse - Laurentians, Quebec
    • Saint-Timothée - Monteregie, Quebec
    • Saint-Zotique - Monteregie, Quebec
    • Saguenay - Saguenay
    • Salaberry-de-Valleyfield - Monteregie, Quebec
    • Shawinigan - Quebec
    • Sherbrooke - Eastern Townships, Quebec
    • Sorel - Monteregie, Quebec
    • Stanstead - Eastern Townships, Quebec
    • Stoke - Eastern Townships, Quebec
    • Stoneham - Quebec Region, Quebec
    • Sutton - Eastern Townships, Quebec
    • Terrebonne - Lanaudiere, Quebec
    • Thetford Mines - Eastern Townships, Quebec
    • Tomifobia - Eastern Townships, Quebec
    • Tracy - Monteregie, Quebec
    • Trois Riviere - Mauricie, Quebec
    • Upton - Monteregie, Quebec
    • Val David - Great XC skiing and rock climbing in the summer - - Laurentians, Quebe
    • Val-Morin - - - Laurentians, Quebec
    • Val-Saint-Come - Lanaudiere, Quebec
    • Varennes - Monteregie, Quebec
    • Vaudreuil - Suroit, Monteregie, Quebec
    • Waterloo - Eastern Townships, Quebec
    City Guides and Tourism



    Northern Charter
    photo Bill Layman

      Travel and Transportation

    Quebec has an excellent road network (but not the best road surfaces come Spring thaw), which connects the major communities along the east west corridor following the St Lawrence River. Northern communities are also accessible but given the provinces extraordinary land mass, air travel makes more sense as you move further north.In some instances air and/or water transport are the only options. Montreal and Quebec City have international airports and most of the larger centers are well served on a national and regional basis.


    A rail service provides passengers with high speed service within the Quebec, Montreal, Toronto and Windsor corridor.

    You can also make rail connections to destinations in Canada's west. Bus service is available in most small communities and between urban centers.

    Both Montreal and Quebec City have excellent urban transit systems. In addition Montreal has a very efficient subway (Metro) system which accesses all of the downtown core and many of the outlying areas. There is commuter train service to other off island locales.

    Airlines - National

    • Air Canada - Canada's National and International Airlines
    • Jazz - National and International
    • JetsGo - National and International
    • Tango - National Discount Carrier
    • Sky Services - Regional and National
    • West Jet - Regional and National Discount
    • CanJet - Discount Carrier

    Airlines - Regional and Charters

    Air Charter

    Airlines - International


    Montreal Region

    The major airports servicing the Montreal area are Dorval and Mirabel. Dorval is located in the west central area of the city, about 25 minutes from downtown (the trip gets significantly longer as rush hour approaches).

    Mirabel is located in the Laurentians off of Hwy 15 (the Laurentian Autoroute). It takes about 50 minutes from downtown, without traffic delays, but the route out of the city is often congested even outside rush hours. Most of the air traffic has been moved back to the Montreal airport in Dorval. Charters may fly into Mirabel, check with your carrier.

    Taxis fares to Dorval are over $25 Canadian, while Mirabel will set you back over $60, your best to inquire before you get in the cab. You might want to look for alternatives such as shuttles (514-934-1222) from the major hotels downtown. As this is written there is a $10 airport improvement fee which you'll be charged as you lleave the airport.

    Airport Dorval / Montreal International Airport

  • Dorval Airport - Montreal, Quebec
  • Dorval:
    975 Romeo-Vachon North
    Dorval, Quebec
    H4Y 1H1
  • Airport Mirabel / Mirabel International Airport

  • Mirabel Airport - (Montreal), Mirabel, Laurentians, Quebec
  • Mirabel:
    600 Commerce Street A4
    Mirabel, Quebec
    J7N 1E1
    514 476-3010
  • Road Map - Getting to the Airport
  • Parking Information - Includes fees
  • Car Rental Companies - (At the Airport - see our Canada wide listing under "Cars")
  • Aerobus Shuttle
  • Shuttle Schedule and Fees
  • Taxis, Limousine and Valet Parking
  • Quebec City

    Approximate Flying Times into Montreal (Direct)

    Boston - Montreal 1hr
    Atlanta - Montreal 2.5hr
    Los Angles - Montreal 5hr
    New York - Montreal 1.5hr
    Toronto - Montreal 1hr
    Vancouver - Montreal 5hr

    Travel Reservations 

    Bus Services


    The main bus terminus is in the eastern section of the downtown core at: 505 Maisonneuve Blvd. East at Berri. The terminus also has connections into several of the Metro (Subway) lines. Telephone 514-842-2281. Both Greyhound and Voyageur bus lines service the city and provide access to surrounding regions and other areas of Canada.


    Intercar Cote Nord - service along the north shore of the St Lawrence into Charlevoix and Tadoussac and Baie Comeau.

    Orleans Express Lines - Connections into all areas not serviced by Intercar as well as connections to all other points in North America.

    There are two bus terminus in the greater Quebec City Region.

    Quebec City
    320, rue Abraham-Martin
    (418) - 525-3000

    Ste Foy
    3001, chemin des Quatre-Bourgeois 3
    (418) 650-0087

    Rail and Subways


    The main train terminus (Gare Central) is located downtown just south of Rene Levesque Blvd on La Gauchetiere between Mansfield and University. It can be accessed from the Queen Elizabeth or Bonaventure Hotels. The nearest Metro (subway) is Bonaventure which can be accessed via the underground pedestrian walkway. West bound Via trains may stop at the Dorval station, inquire with the rail line.

    There are also several commuter lines running in and around the city. These include a line to Vaudreuil-Dorion, Hudson and Rigaud as well as a line into the Laval and the lower Laurentians region.

    Montreal is on the Trans Canada Highway, which forms one of the main routes through the city. Locally, the central section of the highway within the city is referred to as the Metropolitan, east and west of this central section the highway is referred to as either the Trans Canada, the T-Can or Highway 40. Montreal is an island city and as such must be accessed by bridge or tunnel. These access points can be bottlenecks and get very slow during rush hours, particularly if your approaching from the south or the north. To access the island of Montreal the main highways are: from the north - Hwy 13 or 15, from the east - Hwy 40 or 30 via the Lafontaine Tunnel, from the south - Hwy 10, from the west - Hwy 40 or Hwy 20.

    Quebec City

    Quebec Cities main east-west route is the Trans Canada Highway, highway 40 which traverses the city. If you head east you'll reach Montreal, while west will take you to Ste Anne-de-Beaupre and along the St. Lawrence's north shore into the Charelevoix and beyond. Across the St Lawrence you'll find the other major east-west link, highway 20. To the east is Montreal, to the west the south shore of the St. Lawrence, Rimouski and the Gaspesie. The 73 heads south into the US while the 175 is the route north to Chicoutimi.


    Car Rental

    • CAA - The Canadian Automobile Association. The advocate for Canada's motoring and travelling public. Emergency Roadside Service, complete auto touring and travel services etc.

    Road Reports

  • Montreal/Laval Road Reports
  • Traffic Reports

    Surrounding Regions


    Driving Distances


    • Boston - Montreal 520km (325 miles)
    • Buffalo - Montreal 610km (382 miles)
    • Detroit - Montreal 910km (569 miles)
    • Moncton - Montreal 1030km (644 miles)
    • New York - Montreal 610km (382 miles)
    • Ottawa - Montreal 220km (138 miles)
    • Quebec - Montreal 250km (156 miles)
    • Sherbrooke - Montreal 150km (95 miles)
    • Toronto - Montreal 550km (344 miles)

    Quebec City

    Mileage - Regional

    • Montreal - Quebec - 253km
    • Riviere-du-Loup - Quebec - 206km
    • Toronto - Quebec - 797km
    • Boston - Quebec - 618km
    • New York - Quebec - 811km

    Monteregie - East and south (the Southshore) of the Island

    • Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu - Montreal - 40km
    • Sorel - Montreal - 88km
    • Salaberry-de-Valleyfield - Montreal - 61km
    • Saint-Hyacinthe - Montreal 64km

    Laurentians - North and Northwest of Montreal

    • Boisbriand - Montreal - 20
    • Estérel - Montreal - 85km 53 miles
    • Lachute - Montreal - 75km 49 miles
    • Mont Tremblant - Montreal - 125km 78 miles
    • Morin-Heights - Montreal - 75km 49 miles
    • Oka - Montreal - 52km 33 miles
    • Piedmont - Montreal - 58km 36 miles
    • Prevost - Montreal - 55km 34 miles
    • Rosemère - Montreal - 20km 12.5 miles
    • Saint Agathe - Montreal - 86km 54 miles
    • Saint-Antoine - Montreal - 40km 25 miles
    • Saint-Eustache - Montreal - 42km 26 miles
    • Saint-Jovite - Montreal - 120km 75 miles
    • Saint-Jérôme - Montreal - 43km 29 miles
    • Sainte-Adèle - Montreal - 68km 43 miles
    • Sainte-Therese - Montreal - 23km 14.5 miles
    • Val-Morin - Montreal - 75km 47 miles
    • Val David - Montreal - 80km 50 miles

    Approximate Flying Times into Montreal (Direct)

    Boston - Montreal 1hr
    Atlanta - Montreal 2.5hr
    Los Angles - Montreal 5hr
    New York - Montreal 1.5hr
    Toronto - Montreal 1hr
    Vancouver - Montreal 5hr

    Gasoline is sold by the litre (4.54 litres to an Imperial gallon which is 5/4th of an American gallon or about 3.6 litres to the American gallon) and as of this writing costs about 65 cents Canadian for a litre of regular.

    Note: Motorcycles are prohibited in Vieux Quebec (?). Fortunately the area can easily be covered on foot so park you bike outside the gates and take a hike.



    French and English are Canada's official languages. Quebec is predominantly a French language province, particulary in the eastern and northern regions but english is often spoken in response to tourists inquiries. Montreal is very much a bi-lingual city with much of the population able to slide in and out of each language without skipping a beat. You'll also find some access to other languages, particulary in the major centres and at Mont Tremblant Resort in the Laurentians.

    Tipping & Gratuities

    Tipping for good service is the norm in Quebec. As a matter of fact, no where else in Canada is tipping expected more than in Quebec. The rate is generally 10-15% of the bill, before taxes in restaurants and bars. Taxi drivers, bell hops, the conceirge and the coat check also expect a tip.

    Sales Tax and Refund

    Most goods and many services are subject to two taxes in Quebec. As a rule of thumb expect 15% (actually closer to 15.5%) extra to be tacked on to your bill. The good news is that visitors can request a refund on some of this. Follow the link to get more information and ensure you understand the eligability and requirements before making your purchaes. Sales Tax Refund




    Maps - Cities

    Regional Maps

    Road Maps




    The Macdonall-Williamson House
    Point Fortune

      Historic Sites

    Canada's National Historic Sites are managed by the federal government. The include fortifications, historic homes, buildings and canals as well as areas which no longer have obvious clues to their historical significance. To better understand an areas importance, efforts are often expended to reconstruct parts, or in some cases, all of a sites features. An excellent example of this is available at l'Anse a Meadows in Newfoundland, which reconstructs the earliest substantiated European presence in the new world,(sorry Columbus) in the form of a Viking settlement.

    Quebec has over twenty National Historic Sites. In addition there are sites of historic significance designated on a provincial or regional basis, and of course those which are established by interested parties in the private sector.
    National Historic Sites


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    Banks and Trusts

    Currency Exchange and Conversion

    Banque National 801 Ste-Catherine 514-281-1985
    Banque National 5070, avenue du Parc 514-273-1791
    Banque National 4506 rue St-Denis 514-281-9610
    The Montreal International Airport in Dorval also has an exchange office.

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