Restaurants and Bars in Montreal and Laval
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There is little doubt, that Montreal has some of the finest restaurants and bars in North America. Spend a week in the city (an expense account would help) and sample from the widest variety of restaurants without fear of disappointment.  
Montreal is famous for its summer terraces.
  From the tiny Tonkanize soup shops on "the Main", in the China Town area, to classic French dining at Les Halles. From the steam dogs of the Montreal Pool Room, to the breakfasts at Beauties or the elaborate and exquisite brunches served just about everywhere on the weekends. You'll find exceptional cuisine for every palette.

If you're looking for something with some real zing, try the excellent Szechwan cuisine at the Piment Rouge or perhaps, some Thai cooking from one of the cities finest, the Phayathai Restaurant on Guy. On the West Island, you'll find CJ's, a small restaurant in a rather unlikely location, serving excellent grills and perhaps the finest duck we have ever tasted. Steak lovers who visit the city make a point of eating at Moishie's, a Montreal landmark for a very good reason. For Montreal's famous smoke meat, head down the street to Swartzs but be prepared to wait for a few minutes since there's usually a line up. Finally, don't forget to try a "real" bagel from the Fairmont Bakery in Outremont, where they are still made by hand and cooked right in front of you in a wood fired oven. Pass the cream cheese please!



Restaurants - Visit our new Restaurant Listings Page

Visit our new Restaurant Listings Page

Visit our new Restaurant Listings Page

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  • Aria Nightclub - Night Club, St. Denis, Downtown, Montreal, Quebec
  • Annie's - Ste. Anne du Bellevue, West Island
  • L'Axe - Strip Club, 1855 St-Denis
  • Bar Deco - Lachine
  • Belmont sur le Boulevard - Night Club, St. Laurent, Downtown, Montreal, Quebec
  • Bily Kun Bar - Alternative, 354 Mont Royal E., Alternative
  • Bourbon Street West - Bar, Sources, West Island, Montreal, Quebec
  • Brasserie Schoune - Brew Pub
  • Brutopia - Brew Pub, 1219 Crescent Street, Downtown, Montreal
  • Casa Del Popolo - Alternative, 4873 St-Laurent
  • Central Station - 4432 St. Laurent, Montreal
  • Club One - Live Music and Good Beer, 1186 Crescent Street, Downtown, Montreal
  • Club 281 - Where the ladies go to watch the guys. Strip Bar, Downtown, Montreal, Quebec
  • Club 737 - Place Ville Marie, Downtown, Montreal
  • Club Chaos - 2031 St. Denis
  • Club Dome - Downtown, Montreal
  • Club Element - Downtown, Montreal
  • Club Opa
  • Club Soda - Perfomance Venue - Live Bands, 5240 Parc Ave., Montreal, Quebec
  • Club Unity - Alternative
  • Cheers - Bar, Downtown and West Island, Montreal, Quebec
  • Chez Paris - Where the guys go to watch the ladies. Strip Bar, Downtown, Montreal, Quebec
  • Cream Night Club - Night Club, Downtown, Montreal, Quebec
  • Dôme - 32 Ste-Catherine W. Montreal
  • Dieu du Ciel - Brew Pub
  • Foufounes Electriques - Alternative, Shows, 87 Ste. Catherine E., Downtown
  • Fridays - Restaurant and Bar, Downtown, Montreal, Quebec
  • Hard Rock Cafe - Cresent Street, Downtown, Montreal, Quebec
  • Hurley' Irish Pub - Pub, Excellent Music, Cresent St. Downtown, Montreal
  • Jai Bar - 3603 St. Laurent St. Montreal
  • Jet Night Club - 1003 St. Catherine
  • Limelight - 1254 Stanley, Downtown, Montreal
  • Le Lion d'Or - Alternative, 1676 Ontario E.
  • Living - 4521 St. Laurent, Montreal
  • McKibbin's Irish Pub - 1426 Bishop St., Downtown, Montreal
  • Mile End Bar - Alternative, 5322 St. Laurent
  • Newtown - 1476 Crescent, Downtown, Montreal
  • O-Patro VYS - 354 Mont Royal E., Montreal, Quebec
  • Peel Pub - Pub Fare, Peel St., Downtown, Montreal, Quebec
  • Place Cote de Liesse - Chez Francis - Strip Club, (514) 631-5232, 11425 Cote de Liesse Rd. Dorval, Montreal
  • Planet Naughty
  • Le Sergent Recruteur - Brew Pub, 4650 St.Laurent
  • Sir Winston Churchill’s Pub - 1455 Crescent St., (514) 288-0623, Downtown, Montreal
  • Sona - After Hours, 1439 Bleury St. Montreal
  • Spectrum - Performance Venue, 318 Ste-Catherine St. W., Downtown, Montreal
  • Spice - Bar Restaurant, Hip-Hop, Montreal, Quebec
  • SRJ - Brasserie
  • Stereo - After Hours Club, 858 Ste. Catherine E.
  • Le Swimming - 3643 St-Laurent Blvd., Plateau, Montreal
  • Theatre St-Denis - Live Shows, 1594 rue St. Denis, Quartier Latin, Montreal
  • Thursdays - 1449 Crescent St., (514) 288-5656, Downtown, Montreal
  • Tops - St Martin Laval
  • Typhon Lounge - 5751 Monkland, Montreal
  • Vatican Club 1432 Crescent St. Downtown, Montreal
  • Wax Lounge - 3481 St. Laurent St., Montreal
  • Wanda's - Strip Bar, 1458 De la Montagne
  • Whisky Cafe - 5800 St.Laurent
  • Ye Old Orchard Pub and Grill - Pub & Grill, Stews, Curries and Good Beer, 5563 Monkland, NDG, (514) 484-1569

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Restaurants and Bars in the Regions Surrounding Montreal and Laval

Montreal's surrounding regions are famous for their outdoor activities, fine dining and excellent accommodations.


  For more listings of vegetarian restaurants in Quebec consult the Happy Cow.
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