Canada has more outdoor opportunities than any other country. Our vast but accessible wilderness is as varied as it is large. While we are known world wide for parks such as Algonquin, Banff and Jasper, Canada has so much more awaiting you. Endless possibilities lie in paddling crystal lakes of northern Saskatchewan, hiking the beautiful ridge trails in Riding Mountain, Manitoba or kayaking the shores of the Avalon peninsula off Newfoundland. Out-There Travel will help you find that unique something which suits your every need. Sound goods, but the best part is that Canada is currently considered one of the world's great travel bargains. So what are you waiting for!
  Build Your Itinerary On-Line

If you start here and work your way to the bottom of the page you can build a complete travel itinerary on line. Move through each step and follow the pertinent links to complete the process. After you've acquired the information you need, use the back button to return to this section. Our pages have everything you need to plan and book your adventure or nature vacation.
If you're from outside Canada, have a look at
Visiting Canada which will help answer some of those nagging questions including information on current laws or restrictions. This might be a good reference for you to print out and take with you on your trip. Our Travel or Tourism listings are very complete but if you still want more detail have a look at the Federal and Provincial Government Links or our Chamber of Commerce.
The next two sections are specifically related to your activity. We've broken down our listings into adventure and nature sections to help you build the perfect itinerary.

  Adventure Travel

You may want to put together your own adventure by going through our Adventure Section which we have categorized by sport. You can also have a look at our list (there are over a thousand of them) of the Provincial and National Parks which afford a wealth of possibilities for camping, hiking, paddling and so much more.
If you're looking for a tour or a guided trip then start in our
Guides section. From dog sledding to sea kayaking, there's an adventure sure to match all of your expectations. If you have special needs, a lot of the guides can accommodate you. Some will even put together a custom package.

  Nature Travel

If you're planning your own eco-vacation then have a good look at the following resources. This is an extensive collection of Canada's finest nature areas which will allow you to choose your perfect destination:

Bird Sanctuaries  Conservation Areas  Managed Lands
National Parks Provincial Parks Ramsar Sites 
Wildlife Areas Nature Books Nature Tours

Our birds and wildlife can be easily observed but make sure you plan your trip to coincide with the appropriate natural cycles. Inquire when you make your plans.
If you would prefer to have some assistance or the benefit of an interpreter for your trip then have a look in our
Nature Tours section. You should be able to find something to fulfil all your wishes.

  Resources and Services

Whether you've chosen nature, adventure or both, there are a lot more resources to be found in our pages to help you in your quest. If you need Maps, Nature Books, Guide Books or Instructional Books we have an extensive listing. We would recommend CRCA (Canadian Recreational Canoeing Association) for paddle books and if you're looking to purchase on-line. For maps we have a list of Dealers and Cartographers where you can purchase what you need. Outfitters can help you if you need to rent any or all of your equipment and our Retailers section may also be valuable if you need regional information or have to pick up a few extras locally (remember, airlines don't allow you to transport camp stove fuels).

  The Essentials

Regardless of your preferred activity or destination you're going to need to find suitable Accommodations which could include Hostels and Huts. With our listings you shouldn't have any problem finding exactly what you're looking for but if you do need help perhaps consult with a Travel Agent. Of course you'll also need a dependable means of Transportation which might include Air Charters and we've made things easy for you. Remember this is a very large country and a lot of it requires special modes of transport. Money is of course another important issue, not only Currency Conversion, but access to Banks, Trusts and of course ATMs.
Canada's has a wealth of
Tourism information available on the national, provincial and regional levels. A lot of the additional information you might need is available here to let you finalize your plans.

  Bon Voyage

If you started at the top of the page and worked your way down to here you should be well on your way to a great Canadian vacation. Let us know what you think of our approach to building an itinerary. Oh, and just before you leave on your trip you might want to check out the Weather for your chosen destination so you'll know what to expect. When you get back home, could you please let us know how things went either through e-mail or by filling our a Trip Report We would love to hear about it!



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