Picture the Laurentians, the quiet forests, the cool lakes and the beautiful rolling hills. Now picture the Laurentians without the crowds, without the traffic and without every lake having another cottage. That's Lanaudiere!

Sharing the same Laurentian forests and features, this is the wilder more natural version. Rivers, lakes and rolling mountains are everywhere you look and outdoor opportunities abound. Adding to the regions appeal is its accessibility, Hwy 125 or 25 directly access the area. It almost seems a shame to let the secret out. (Map of Lanaudiere )

Like the Laurentians, you'll find quaint Inns and restaurants throughout the region. Rawdon and St Donat are well know for these. In the east, the areas major center, Joliette, has all of the amenities and facilities you might require.
Berthierville is located in the south east along the major corridor, Hwy 40 and will also provide a visitor with all of the conveniences you desire. For the most part, the region is made up of small, quite French Canadian towns, many settled centuries ago.  
Another key element shared by these two sisters is Mont Tremblant Provincial Park. The Laurentian region claims this as a crown jewel but ironically, the majority of the park is in the Lanaudiere region. There are two access points here at La Pembina above St Donat and the L'Assomption at the eastern gate. The Pembina sector is where you'll find the thinnest crowds and some excellent nature viewing. The park of course, also has mountain biking, hiking, backpacking, canoeing and cross country and backcountry skiing in the winter. Speaking of winter, don't forget the parks excellent hut system where you can traverse the park sleeping in wood heated shelters along the way. Dog Sledding enthusiasts should contact the ZEC's des Nymphes.
  If your looking for Camping Lanaudiere has lots of front country camping in Tremblant Provincial Park. The areas Wildlife Reserves (Reserve Faunique)also have campsites available as do the regions ZEC's. There are excellent backcountry sites in the Oureau Forest. There are several region parks in the area, including the Parc des Chutes-Dorwin which surrounds the beautiful falls in Rawdon. Nearby you'll also find another beautiful falls at the Parc des Cascades regional park.

Hikers have lots of options in the area ranging from easy walks to water falls in the regional parks to some serious climbs on the Oureau trail or the Noire near St Donat.

Again Tremblant has lots to offer in this area with many trails to choose from. Backpackers can take advantage of, you guessed it Tremblant Park and the Oureau forest both of which have facilities and trails.
Canoeists have a number of rivers to choose from including the Assomption in Tremblant and the Quereau river in the forest of the same name. Campsites are available on both rivers and portage trails surround the white water on the Assomption. If you are a White Water Paddler you can choose to run the rapids.  
There is great birding south of Berthierville in the Iles de Sorel where you can combine your passion with some Hiking.

Mountain Bikers are well served in by the Oureau forest which has lots of trails to ride. Tremblant Park also has good biking. Check with the ZECs for other opportunities.

Visiting from outside Quebec: Quebecers have a unique place in Canada as one of the founding peoples. The interaction of the two cultures, while not always seamless, has contributed to a rich diversity and unique style found no where else in North America. Quebec's natural heritage, is only now being fully appreciate by the rest of the world. The Charlevoix, a world heritage site, the Gaspesie with the spectacular Chic Chocs, the Torngates of the North are just a few of the natural wonders of the province. We have put together pointers to help make your visit to this unique province even more enjoyable.
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Visiting from outside Canada: Depending on your country of origin you may have little to understand or adapt to when you visit Canada. On the other hand many of Canada's customs, its commerce and cultural may be vary new to some visitors. We have put together a list of helpful information to assist you in your planning and when you have reached your destination.

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