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Old Montreal
The Dome of Bonsecour
  Montreal is a city with a soul. There's a special atmosphere here that you'll find in few other places in North America, New Orleans, San Francisco and Boston come to mind.
Montreal has dynamite night-life, some of the world's best restaurants, along with friendly vibrant people. Take in the restaurants of Old Montreal then head out to the bars, clubs and lounges on St. Laurent, St. Denis or Crescent Street. (Map of Montreal & Laval Regions)
Visit Isle St Helene or the Old Port. Rent some roller blades or a bike for a little exercise and take in the scenery along the Lachine Canal.
Montreal Skyline & Cruise Ship
If you have a chance, make a point of sampling a bowl of Tokenize soup on St. Laurent street. After your done, do some exploring in the fascinating and authentic shops of the surrounding China Town.
Montreal Park
  While pretenders come and go, the cities landmark is still the mountain. Mount Royal stands as a back-drop to the city's core, and even fists full of developers dollars couldn't obscure the view. The mountain park is an urban island of green, sharply contrasted by the stone, steel and concrete of its surroundings.But it is only one protected natural area in what should be considered a corner stone for greater efforts to preserve more of the cities natural heritage and green spaces. Remember, this is a city that matured in a less than enlightened era, and efforts are more often needed to recover, rather than preserve.
Montreal has many municipal parks and to its credit it has recently set aside several areas as Nature Parks. Montreal's nature parks lie along the Riviere des Prairie, mixing forest, wetlands and shoreline. They are wonderful natural reserves, with hiking and cycling trails and excellent birding .There are also several Provincial Parks within a short distance of the city including Quebec's most popular, Mont Tremblant. .
Bike & Inline Skate Path

To some extent Montreal's excellent urban outdoor facilities are almost surprisingly, given the cities long commercial and industrial history, along with the cities penchant for the high life. A lot of this may be attributed to dedicated individuals who have fought hard and long to put together visionary projects such as the urban bike and recreation network. This is an exceptional effort, which has stitched together historic pathways with recently developed trails and imaginative access initiatives. There is of course still much work to be done in all Montreal's conservation and reclamation efforts, and local clubs and associations dearly need your support.

Montreal is the jump off point for much of Quebec's outdoor activities. Skiers and snowboarders heading for the wicked shredding at Mont Tremblant, the "exxtraa cool" of Saint Sauveur or the classic charms of the the Eastern Townships, will more than likely pass through the city on their way to the hills. The development of the year round resort village at Mont Tremblant has significantly increased traffic north of the city and added another dimension to the region.

Montreal is one of North America's oldest cities and has a fascinating history. Make a point of visiting some of the historic sites, such as the Lachine Canal, Old Montreal and the historical museums, as well as the spectacular landmark churches, such as the Oratory and Notre Dame Cathedral.

Montreal's "Underground City" (RÉSO) is becoming more famous throughout the world. The seemingly endless sheltered passage ways, provide visitors with endless variety along 25km of pathways, which are lined with hundreds of boutiques, specialty shops, cafes and restaurants.

Montreal Church
Cross country skiers can take advantage of the cities parks or head north to over 1000km of trails or down to the Eastern Townships for hundreds of more kilometers.

Fall Montreal


Snowshoe enthusiasts will find designated trails in the Nature Parks and dozens of tracks in the surrounding regions. In the summer innumerable places to do some river canoeing, sea kayaking, backpacking, climbing and all within a short distance of the city.

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Out-There's Quebec - Montreal is located in the southwestern corner of the vast Province of Quebec. Two distinctive cultures, bold natural surroundings and one of the longest histories in North America, make this province rich in many realms and a fascinating place to visit.

Parks and Conservation Areas in and around Montreal

Park Bois de Ile Bizard
Bois de Ile Bizard - Montreal Nature Park
Park Cape St Jacques
Cape St.Jacques - Montreal Nature Park
Bois de Liesse
Bois de Liesse - Montreal Nature Park
Jean Drapeau Park
Parc Jean Drapeau - Montreal's Favourite

Visiting from outside Quebec

Quebecer's have a unique place in Canada as one of the founding peoples. The interaction of the two cultures, while not always seamless, has contributed to a rich diversity and unique style found no where else in North America. Quebec's natural heritage, is only now being fully appreciate by the rest of the world. The Charlevoix, a world heritage site, the Gaspesie with the spectacular Chic Chocs, the Torngates of the North are just a few of the natural wonders of the province. We have put together pointers to help make your visit to this unique province even more enjoyable.

Visiting from outside Canada




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  Province of Quebec
David Suzuki Nature Challenge
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  Mont Temblant Resort
  Mont Tremblant Resort Rated the number one resort in Eastern North America
  The Laurentians Region Montreal's four season playground to the north
  Eastern Townships
  The Eastern Townships - Montreal's outdoor playground and cottage country south.
  Ile de Boucherville Park
  Ile de Boucherville Park - Cycling and paddling the St. Lawrence Islands
  Monteregie - Montreal's neighbour and the cycling capital of Canada
  Lanaudiere - The Laurentians without crowds northeast of Montreal
  P'tit Train du Nord
  P'tit Train du Nord - A spectacular rail trail through the heart of the Laurentians
  Cycling Quebec
  Quebec Bike Paths - Is Quebec the Bike Capital of North America?
  Mont Tremblant Park
  Mont Tremblant Park - The outdoor jewel of the Laurentians
  Oka Park
  Oka Park - A natural wonder a stones throw from Montreal
  Fall Maple Leaves
  Turning Over a New Leaf Fall's spectacular display in the Laurentians
  Mon Megantic Huts
  Hut-to-Hut at Mont Megantic
A weekend getaway - cross country skiing and snowshoeing in the Townships
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