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Chateauguay - Running from New York State through the Chataugauy 
Valley it empties into Lac St.Louis. Prone to flooding in the spring.
Noire - Flows passed Upton in the Yamaska region and empties 
into the Yamaska River near St Damase.
Riviere du Sud - In the Haute Richelieu region it empties
 into the Richelieu.Riviere Delisle
Riviere Riguad - Running from Ontario through Riguad into 
the Ottawa. Navigable by canoe but only as it approaches the Ottawa.
St Lawrence - Quebec's and one of the worlds great rivers,
 starting at Kingston and feed by the great lakes it joins 
with the Ottawa at Montreal and continues passed Quebec city. 
It's fed by the Richelieu and the Sauganay at it makes it's way 
to the Atlantic.
Ottawa - With it's source far to the north it joins with the St 
Lawrence at Montreal. While the Quebec portion is wide and slow 
moving, the upper reaches near Pembroke have some of Canada's best
Riviere des Mille Iles (Northern Arm of St. Lawrence above Laval)
Riviere Richelieu


Lake Champlain


Mont Rigaud
Covy Hill
Mont Saint Gregoire
Mont Rougemont
Mont Yamaska


Parc Iles de Boucherville - Canoeing, Sea  Kayaking, Hiking, XC Skiing
Parc Yamaska - Hiking, XC Skiing
Parc de la gorge de Coaticook - Hiking through gorges
Hwy 10 to the the 141 at Magog then south to the 147 above Coaticook
Parc Regional des Isles de Saint-Timothee
240 St Laurent
Saint Timothee, PQ


National Wildlife Reserve Lac St Francois -
Wildlife Sanctuary, Hiking, Canoeing, Birding
Particularly in the spring and fall migrations

chemin de la Pointe-Fraser
J0S 1L0

Mont Rougemont - Hiking, Birdwatching

Mont St Bruno - Hiking, Birdwatching, XC Skiing, Snowboarding

The observation tower at the wetland in Point Fortune, Quebec
Mont St Hilaire - XC Skiing, Hiking, Birding

Parc de la gorge de Coaticook - Hiking through gorges

Hwy 10 to the the 141 at Magog then south to the 147 above Coaticook

A view from the top of the observation tower
  Centre de conservation de la nature du Mont St. Hilaire
422 Rue des Moulins

Mont St Hilaire, Quebec

National Wildlife Areas

Carillon Island Monteregie, Quebec
Mont-Saint-Hilaire Monteregie, Quebec