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Canada's Yukon is a wonderful mix of incredible natural beauty and epic historical drama. The Klondike Gold Rush opened up this vast land and left a legacy that is still being explored. The Yukon is one of the world's last pristine wilderness areas providing endless outdoor possibilities.
The Yukon is one of Canada's three territories and is the smallest, at 478,970 square km, but its size is no reflection on of its natural splendour. Mount Logan at 5,959 meters above sea level is Canada's highest peak and considered a world class climb. If you have the will, the resource and the stamina you'll find it in the spectacular St. Elias Mountains in Kluane National Park.
Visitors to Kluane find the best way to truly experience the park is to strap on a backpack and head out on one of the many trails leading into the interior. A great choice is the Auriol Trail, which is one of the more popular routes for backpackers. If you're a mountain biker, the Alsek Trail & The Mush Lake Road are great alternatives.

For nature enthusiasts, the park provides prime habitat for many species of wildlife including Dall Sheep, which visitors often see foraging on Sheep Mountain.

Photo courtesy Yukon Tourism 
Mountain Goats, and a small herd of Caribou can also be seen in the Duke River area. North America's largest subspecies of moose ranges through Kluane.

The Yukon is famous for its wild rivers, sought out by white water canoeist, kayakers and rafters. These include the Tatshenshini , Alsek, Bonnet Plume along with the Firth River flowing through Ivvavik National Park, each of which attract paddlers from all over the world. There are a number of guiding companies that will take groups or individuals to these wild and beautiful rivers, allowing the casual paddlers to enjoy these challenging routes as well.

If you're looking for wilderness with as little less whitewater you can canoe from Whitehorse to Dawson along the Yukon River. You'll encounter only one portage along the way, at the Five-Finger Rapids. Perhaps not as wild as some of the possible trips, never the less this is an isolated area and all trips should be planned with extreme care.

One of the greatest things about backpacking in the Yukon in the summer is the almost endlessly days. You can expect up to 20 hours or more of sunlight on your trip. It's interesting to remember, even on the hottest of the summers days, that perma-frost is just a few feet below your boots. The Yukon is truly a land of extremes.

If you follow the Dempster Highway from Dawson City, into the most northerly range of the Rocky Mountains, you'll cross the Arctic Circle. Here you'll have the clearest view of the Aurora Borealis with red, green and blue lights that dance across the sky. These brilliant moving lights are actually after effects of giant explosions on the sun which cause waves of light to streak across the sky some 60 to 80 miles above the ground.

If you're visiting in the winter months, don't miss the premier event for long distance mushers, the Yukon Quest, which attracts racers worldwide. It's a 1,600 km long race, from Whitehorse to Fairbanks Alaska, through extremely challenging terrain and severe weather conditions.

On a slightly tamer note, the Yukon also has three downhill ski facilities, Mt. Sima near Whitehorse, Moose Mountain in Dawson City and Watson Lake Ski Hill just outside the town of Watson Lake. All of these hills are, of course, great for telemark and have cross country skiing. Mt. McIntyre is a world-class cross country skiing facility that has lighted trails and a full-service chalet.

No matter the time of year, the Yukon will delight you, challenge you and inevitably bring you back for more.

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Visiting from outside Canada: Depending on your country of origin you may have little to understand or adapt to when you visit Canada. On the other hand many of Canada's customs, its commerce and cultural may be very new to some you. We have put together a list of helpful information to assist you in your planning and later when you have reached your destination.


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